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What Are Floating Vanities

Once you make the exciting decision to remodel some or all of your home, you’ll want to know all your options so you can make a completely informed choice to truly enjoy the house of your dreams. Depending on the scope of your remodel, this can be an overwhelming thought, but the best way to take it is one step at a time until it all comes together to create a home unique to you that you’ll love for many years to come. Remodeling a bathroom, especially in an older home, is one of the quickest ways to modernize your home and significantly improve the resale value should you ever decide to move. If you’re considering the best way to update your cabinetry, we recommend taking a long look at floating vanities – but what are they?

Floating vanities, silly as it sounds, look almost exactly as they’re named. Instead of building a traditional cabinet system on the walls and the floor to create a counter space, a floating vanity is a unit hung from the wall completely, leaving several inches completely bare underneath – the finished product is a stunning effect where it looks like the cabinet is floating. There are a number of reasons to consider the floating vanity in your home. First, it looks stunning – it’s not very common, so it makes a big visual impact in your modernized bathroom. Secondly, it also opens up your bathroom considerably. Instead of your counters blocking the field of view entirely, it immediately gives your bathroom a bigger and more expansive feeling. Floating vanities are also a functional choice because it makes cleaning so much easier. No corners, no nooks and crannies – instead, your mop can pass clear underneath the entire unit with absolutely no fuss. Similarly, they also put your flooring on display, which is fantastic if you are updating your tile as well. Additionally, you can leave them open for a streamlined and beautiful look, or you can take advantage of the open space for extra storage.

The takeaway here is floating vanities are a beautiful concept that can be implemented in a variety of ways to accommodate nearly any aesthetic. If you’re unsure if they’re a good fit for your home, we’ll be happy to break down the pros and cons so you can proceed with complete confidence.

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