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What are Vadara countertops?

When remodelling your home, going for the right surface can take some time and money. Each kitchen countertop design has its own unique personality, while bringing a uniform feeling to the overall kitchen décor. We shouldn’t make design compromises and choose practicality over aesthetics. Quartz surfaces have a unique ability, that when applied to the modern kitchen home, brings life to a kitchen environment. Vadara quartz is leading the aesthetics movement in the Quartz industry, with its unique designs and superior finishes.

Vadara is a quartz-based stone that’s used effectively for many kitchens across the US. It’s essentially 93% Quartz and the rest is ingredients that make it stronger. Quartz is combined with high-quality polymer pigments that make it more insensitive to pressure and heat. The slabs are cured, gauged and polished to become more dense and non-porous. These slabs have been long used for their attractive colours and designs, and Vadara is quickly becoming a go-to choice by interior designers and decorators. With natural wear and tear, Vadara seems not to be deterred.

While most people opt to install Vadara countertops indoors, they can also do so outdoors but must be careful as the heat can create small damage over time. Vadara needs to be levelled properly to avoid any seeps or cracks in the middle. The best part about Vadara is the fact that its care-free maintenance makes its performance better than the rest. It’s a great choice for anyone wanting to create long-lasting experiences that make kitchens look that much better.

Some of the many advantages that Vadara has over natural stone are strength, durability, cleaning efficiency and consistency. It’s a lot of things packed into one super-material. It’s even cost effective coming in at around $70-120 per square foot. Vadara has greater consistency and has several designs and patterns that look naturally appealing. Vadara is truly a long-lasting investment, that’s meant to appeal to the savvy home décor aficionado.

Vadara doesn’t require any additional care and is simple to clean with soap and water. Mild detergent may be the extent of the clean-up necessary. You can even scrape away any of the sticky substances like gum, nail polish and food, and you won’t see any marks on the counter. All it needs is occasional polishing and some cleaning. The surface looks great and it allows everyone to interact with is without worry.

Vadara material is resistant to cracks and stains, but much like every material for countertops, it has its limitations. From design limitations to structural, there aren’t a lot of options to go for when choosing Vadara. It gets the job done, and it looks good doing it – but there isn’t a sense of art or flair about it. Vadara is more like the canvas than the masterpiece itself. You can use it as a base counter, on which you can design your entire kitchen.

Ensure to clean with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. Rinse all the water out, and keep the surface dry and away from direct sunlight. If you want to keep the countertop material lasting longer than expected, ensure that there are no spills that go unnoticed for too long.

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  • Kalia Floors

    Reply June 28, 2018 3:44 am

    In terms of design and durability, Vadara countertops is always the best choice. This is such a great article. Thank you for posting.

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