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Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

Space, space, space – there never seems to be enough of it. While it can sometimes feel that way, there’s usually plenty just waiting to be discovered, and your cabinets are a prime candidate for one of those spaces. When trying to make the most out of any storage structure, vertical space is a great place to begin capitalizing on to increase the efficiency of your storage needs. It’s easy to see where the wasted space is located – every item on every shelf that has space above it? That’s exactly what you’ll want to begin using to make your kitchen more efficient than ever. Here are a few tips on how to do that, and more, to make sure your kitchen is the kitchen of your dreams.

Stacking containers – Spice cabinets, pantries, cleaning supplies, and more. All of these areas of your house can benefit from stacking containers to build your storage up and away. Plus, color coordinate Tupperware or air-locked containers for added organization and aesthetic appeal.

Small shelves ­– Putting shelves on top of your shelves may sound silly, but it looks great and adds a lot more storage. By placing mini-shelving units into your cabinets, you can have your bowls stashed neatly above your plates, or multiple mugs stacked on top of one another.

Wire dividers – Storing the lids for pots and pans, or cutting boards, or other large objects with a thin profile can be cumbersome. Adding wire dividers (or tension rods) to a pull-out drawer gives you something to place these items between, giving you the ability to store much more than you imagined possible while also reducing clutter.

Lazy Susan – Oddly enough, your typical table-top Lazy Susan is actually a fantastic addition to a number of spaces. Try them in cabinets to access spices, or under your sink to access cleaning products. By using a Lazy Susan, there’s no items lost in the back of the cabinet – everything is just a simple spin away, and your cabinets will stay free of clutter.

Cabinet door rack – Another option for cutting board or other thin-profile items is a rack installed onto the inside of your cabinet door. Now you can store items both inside your cabinet, and outside on the cabinet door. By using the space on the outside of your cabinet, you can free up (and use) more space on the inside of your cabinet.

Adhesive hooks – Additionally, adhesive hooks can be added to the inside of a cabinet door or on the inside walls to hang odds and ends, such as cooking or serving utensils. Or, put them in the back of a cabinet and hang measuring cups for easy access. Adhesive hooks are a great way to sort small items without making permanent changes to your kitchen cabinets.

Stacking organizers – You can easily find storage containers that stack on top of one another, and these can be great ways to organize small things like tea, toothpicks, or other odds and ends. The great thing about these is that you can stack as many or as few as you need, and change their configuration at any time.

When it comes to kitchen storage, there are so many unconventional ways you can organize your belongings and take advantage of every square inch your cabinets have to offer!


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