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Making Your Cabinets Accessible

For the most part, we all use cabinets on a daily basis. An important part of any home is making sure each and every place is accessible, safe, and conducive to living your lifestyle without stressing about how you’re supposed to use it or get to what you need. The kitchen is an area used for a lot of storage, so it’s even more important that it’s organized and arranged in a safe and convenient way. There are many things to keep in mind when designing your perfect kitchen, but the following considerations are a great place to start.

Proper height and placement

Ensuring the height and placement of your cabinets makes sense is essential. We are likely all guilty of clambering onto counters to reach the top shelf, but that isn’t sustainable and it’s quite dangerous. Raised cabinets can look amazing, and there are great ways to install them safely, but it’s also a great idea to consider the future and what is reasonable for your lifestyle and changing needs. Placing cabinets in places that you can reach, or at least ensuring you have a safe way to access them, is a very responsible choice in the long run. Talking to a professional is a great way to understand your needs and plan best for them when deciding how to ensure you love your kitchen this year, and all the years to come.

Corner cabinets

When cabinets are located in the corner, whether low or high, the corners can be unreachable black holes. It’s difficult to access, and that’s not useful or safe for anyone. Instead, try a corner cabinet with a hinged door. Corner cabinets can buy you back a lot of lost real estate, and a hinge in the middle to fit into the corner allows you to access all parts of the cabinets with equal ease. Plus, they give your kitchen cabinets a much more dimensional look and appearance. When designing your dream kitchen, corner cabinets are one great consideration for how to pull together all the elements you need to ensure everything works best for your needs and your lifestyle.

Slide out shelves

These are a very innovative solution to many accessibility issues. Your cabinets retain their original outside appearance, but your shelves are replaced with what appear to be open-faced drawers and are then put on rollers. This can reduce a lot of strain to access items, as nothing is pushed to the back any longer. You can turn any number of cabinets into this new alternative structure, and the drawers can be deep enough to hold any items you need. Instead of grappling with loose Tupperware inside a large cabinet, you can place them all into compartmentalized spaces. Pots and pans can be easier to access than ever, and no more shoulder strain trying to reach the back.

There are a lot of ways you can design a kitchen that ensures you are set up to succeed. These are a few great places to begin to guide your efforts so you can enjoy the process just as much as you enjoy the results, and using them for all the years to come.

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