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Refacing vs Buying New

If you think that refacing is cheaper than buying new, then you’re mistaken. When it comes to budgets and time constraints buying a new cabinet set makes a lot more sense. This is because the labour, maintenance and added costs to ensure that the refacing jobs looks good is way higher than just buying a new set of cabinets. You can change the style up and create something new out of your old kitchen look.

Time invested
Refacing can take days if not carefully planned out or done under supervision. You have to be there all the time to ensure that the process is done efficiently and to the best of the worker’s abilities. Because one wrong scratch or blemish can lead to bigger problems. Refacing can take you out of the kitchen for a while, and the end result may not look that much more different from what you already had. Refacing is just a cosmetic change that you do, when there could be structural problems with the wood as well.
This is a common problem when it comes to cabinets that are quite old. It’s time to buy a new one, and you may know it right now. The time taken to get them refaced and watch them wither a few years later isn’t worth it. Buying new cabinets makes a lot more sense. You can pick up the latest trendy designs in cabinets, that are built to last, at The Cabinet Center. Visit us by clicking here.

Budgeting and restraints
If you’re tired of the way that your cabinets look, then buying new ones may end up being more cost effective in the long run. Refacing only lasts so long before your cabinet design goes out of style. You may benefit a lot more by picking up new cabinets that match the changes that you make in your home.
Since you’re going to redesign in a few years anyways, you’d rather take advantage of some of the best deals available and get new cabinets that will extend the life of your kitchen. Older cabinets can look outdated, and in some cases pose a safety hazard. With new cabinets, you can start to think about how you’d like your kitchen to look and make changes accordingly.

Flexibility in options
Refacing doesn’t leave you with a lot of options, and for the money you’re invested in it it’s better to buy new ones. Especially if you have a smaller kitchen that doesn’t need a lot of work. You can visit your local store, like The Cabinet Center, and pick up the trendiest designs that make your kitchen pop.
With so many options out there, not taking advantage of new cabinets may be a huge mistake. If you’re only invested in the way that your kitchen looks and feels, then also buying new cabinets is a better idea. For the best designs in cabinets visit The Cabinet Center today!

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