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Best Cabinets to Optimize your Kitchen Storage

Storage – there never seems to be enough of it. Whether your kitchen is large or small, it’s always great to maximize your storage. There are plenty of “kitchen hacks” that can be found in abundance on the internet, but if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinetry, there’s really no better time to build better storage into your kitchen’s very infrastructure. So when it comes to installing new cabinets, how can you best optimize your kitchen storage?

Storage Displays

Consider storing your less-used, but perhaps elegant items – such as serving bowls and other decorative pieces – in higher cabinets with glass doors, or simply on open shelving. In doing so, you can use that hard-to-reach area for items that you don’t regularly need. You can also utilize the often unused space that goes above the refrigerator and around the top of your kitchen space.

Toe-Kick Storage

Aptly named, this is the space under the cabinet closest to the floors. You can easily transform this narrow space into shallow cabinetry that can hold baking sheets, kitchen towels, cleaning products, or any other items. Install these into your kitchen and you’ll net a ton of stealthy storage to increase your space.

Wine Storage

This is a fun little project because you can implement it in so many places on both a large or small scale. Think of a cubby just big enough to slide a single wine bottle into – not very big, right? This means you can install a built-in wine cabinet nearly anywhere in your kitchen. Have a small gap between your oven and your refrigerator? Install a vertical rack of a single column holding four wines. Care to do something clever above the sink? Build a larger rack connecting cabinets. The options are endless!

Pull-Out Cabinets

These cabinets are narrow but take advantage of depth and otherwise unused recesses in the house. Common locations for this are in the narrow gaps between refrigerators and walls, behind the oven, and coming out from around the corner. Build in some sleek pull-out shelves to store spices or other items you would love to easily access and feel confident that you are truly getting every bit of storage out of your cooking space.

Iron Cabinet

If you have room for it, have you ever heard of an iron cabinet? Occupying only a shallow depth in your wall and no more than the width of an iron, yours would surely be the envy of anyone to see it. This may be a less typical cabinet option, but it’s a heavy hitter in terms of utilizing every bit of space. To have one installed in your home, find a convenient location that you could install an embedded cabinet into your wall – roughly the size of an ironing board. Add two shelves for your ironing supplies, and then simply open the cabinet, flip the board down, and practically watch those chores do themselves!

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