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Making the Most Out of Small Kitchens

Kitchen cabinets take up a very significant amount of the total space available in your kitchen, perhaps more space than anything else ‚ so, if your kitchen is small, your cabinets will need to be reduced or planned proportionately. This can seem like a difficult accommodation, but keeping in mind functionality and beauty, you are sure to build the kitchen of your dreams that looks and works in every way you need.


Just like they say black is slimming in the fashion world, dark colors are minimizing in the designing world. For a smaller kitchen, absolutely implement the strategy of choosing whiter and brighter colors to expand the visual space of your cabinets. Or, if you can design to accommodate it, try glass ‚ you will get back a lot of the visual horizontal space behind the door, and you can use your dish sets as decorative items in your kitchen aesthetic.


Standard cabinet sizes are around 24 inches high and 12 to 16 inches deep, with a standard width of 30 to 36 inches. If necessary, don‚t be afraid to go smaller than that. They may need to be custom built, but you can also do some digging online. One big advantage to doing this is that they are undoubtedly going to add a lot of visual intrigue to your kitchen, and you can organize them in less than conventional ways to really build something special.


Many cabinets have space above them for decorative items, but if you‚re working in a small space, we recommend choosing beautiful cabinets and placing them higher to be a statement piece unto themselves. When it comes to storage, every inch counts, and this will definitely buy you a bit more flexibility, especially if you have a strong desire to stick to the standard cabinet sizes when making your designing selections.

Supplementary Tools

Store things that can be stored outside of the cabinets, well, outside of the cabinets. Buy a beautiful wine rack for your collection of bottles, and a spice rack for all your cooking needs (plus, they‚ll be even more accessible). If you can find a way to store things outside of your limited cabinet space, especially if it can be done in a beautiful way, then definitely find a way to do that. Also, don‚t underestimate the power of wall space. There are a lot of storage solutions ‚ like for wine bottles ‚ that can be mounted to the wall and serve as wall art and storage space. You‚ll be a master of the dual-purpose kitchen accessory in no time.

A small kitchen can seem like a big problem, but this really isn‚t the case. There are so many modern solutions to build a beautiful kitchen that accommodates all your needs while still being comfortable and enjoyable. No matter the size of your kitchen, we encourage you to get creative and surprise yourself with the outcome of your dreams!

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