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The Cabinet Center / Kitchen  / What is a transitional cabinet and where can I get one?

What is a transitional cabinet and where can I get one?

A transitional cabinet is one of the marquee elements of a transitional style kitchen. This kitchen aesthetic is flexible and can adapt to any home, with any design or theme. It’s a great design element that relies on the imagination of the home owner and the colours that they choose.
If you take a look around, you’ll realize that people are a lot less dependent on style and fashion, and a lot more focused on enhancing their homes with their own choices. That’s where a transitional cabinet comes in. It’s a great accessory to your grand ideas, as it helps complement other parts of your kitchen.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why people go for transitional cabinets. They’re versatile, easy to install and a great addition to any kitchen design.
One of the best places you can pick up a transitional cabinet is at The Cabinet Center. We have some of the largest collections of cabinets that you’ve seen and help customers through a range of requirements. We have an in-house team of décor experts to help you make the right choice when it comes to transitional cabinets.

One of the biggest advantages to having transitional cabinets is that they are a breakaway from traditional design and aesthetics. While most interior designers recommend going for one theme and pattern, transitional cabinets can be fit into any existing design. Meaning that the cost of remodeling and redesigning your kitchen goes down, while the style factor and aesthetics go up.

How do you fit in a transitional cabinet with the rest of your kitchen? Easy!
Transitional designs are meant to break away from traditional design rules. You can combine different finishes and have an all-white or all-mahogany kitchen. This way, you blend in your transitional cabinets into whatever design you have. What this means is that you can pick out any design you like, or even blend it in with an existing one. The choice is totally yours! You can mix components from different eras, including hardware, moldings and cabinet doors. You can introduce a lot of playfulness in the design flow.

Since transitional cabinets are meant to be minimalistic and classically oriented, you can do a whole lot with them. You can add them as an accessory to another cabinet set or set them apart to do their own thing. The complete look can be made that much more aesthetically pleasing if you add a bit of traditional and contemporary elements to it. Transitional designs feature simple and minimalistic designs which can make them look too plain.
You want to remember to not make them too cluttered as well. You don’t want to go too extreme when it comes to textures and move towards something more subtle and smooth in appearance. Door styles can also have clean lines in neutral tones. When it comes to transitional cabinets, your best bet is to talk to the experts at The Cabinet Center.

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